Sessions Serviced at SAPT in Fairfax

3160 Spring St. Unit E Fairfax, Va 22031

3160 Spring St. Unit E Fairfax, Va 22031


Train smarter, not harder. 

Want the guidance of a seasoned Coach? I cut the crap that the fitness industry has spewed and get down to basics. I bring a holistic approach to training my clients and have found this approach to benefit everyone from post-rehab retirees to my professional athletes. Everyone starts with a comprehensive evaluation for me to get an idea of lifestyle, stress-level, goals and movement ability. This gives me a snapshot of limiting factors that will need to be addressed and allows me to move forward with a greater understanding of the big picture. I follow it up by creating a program unique to the individual with tasks for them to follow at home to ensure they're getting the most out of their training. 

On top of the usual health and body composition benefits that comes with working with a Coach, I also bring my expertise of Post-Rehab and Sport Performance work to the table. Meaning our sessions will emphasize getting you moving and feeling better on top of whatever goals you want to conquer.