Body Work Movement Therapy

Got some cranky bits? Is something keeping you back from training to your full potential? Then I'm your guy. I'm not a physical therapist, and I'm not a chiropractor. I'm a movement specialist. who got his license to touch and then decided to study functional neurology. I take a unique, neurobiomechanical outlook to movement and address whatever deficits I come across. I practice several rare and sought after manual therapy techniques and combine them with corrective exercise to get you feeling and moving better. Some of these techniques include:

In-Person Training

Got some goals? I can help you meet them. I offer personal and semi-private training over at Fast Track Sports Medicine and Performance.  If you want more rehab-based fitness then you can have me all to yourself so that I can keep a watchful eye on you with personal training. If you feel pretty good and just want some guidance and form checks, then I can enroll you in the semi-private program. 

Strength & Conditioning Programs

Want to get stronger, feel better and be a more useful person/athlete, but don't have the schedule to come in and train with me the frequency that you need? I offer customized programs that include video tutorials and week-by-week progressions to help you achieve the goals you want. These programs are accompanied with regular check ins to make sure everything is going smoothly and to keep you moving forward. 

Recovery/Sports massage

Sometimes, the system needs some help recovering from hard workouts. Massage has been proven to help maintain tissue integrity and promote recovery between those long runs or heavy lifts. When this happens, I can combine my knowledge as a performance coach and massage therapist to provide the appropriate treatment that will have you more than ready for the next workout.