Jake, Bilateral Labral Tears Back to Heaving Heavy Things.

Jake came to me in the Summer of 2014, with bilateral shoulder pain preventing him from doing the thing he loved, powerlifting. Jake was bitten by the iron bug in high school and continued to train into his first year of college when he started getting some pretty nagging shoulder pain that took him off of the gain train. He was diagnosed with bilateral labral tearsby an MRI, though this seemed to have little to do with the impairment in his shoulder function. Regular integrated manual therapy, corrective exercise and smart strength programming had him back to pressing pain free and moving with full range of motion by the end of the Summer. Now he can be found breaking PRs in the 148lb weight class and when he's not hitting the books at UVA. Here's his testimony:


"After my first competition, back in June of 2013, I decided that I would go it solo with my  training at the University of Virginia. My progress, both competitive and casual, wasn’t shaping up to my goals. It felt like something was missing. As it turns out, my gut was right. The programming I had written for myself, as well as a lack of coaching, was preventing me from achieving my full potential. 
Upon returning to Northern Virginia for the summer of 2014, I decided it was time for a change. I sought out Jarrett, as I know several people who have trained with him and have been able to overcome many of the same challenges I have experience in my competitive journey. That summer proved to be a pivotal point in my powerlifting career. The dedication, coaching and programming I was given by Jarrett trained me in ways beyond belief. Working with Jarrett didn’t just help shape me as a lifter; his coaching has helped sharpen my mind about the human body. A lot of this knowledge has surprisingly helped me with some of my engineering assignments at college too.
I do owe a lot of my success in my recent powerlifting competition in June of 2015 to Jarrett’s distance training. I decided that when returning to college for my sophomore year, I wasn’t going to make some of the same choices when it came to training. My summer experience working with Jarrett was so positive that it was a no brainer to go the distance route. Separated by 100 miles, Jarrett was still able to give me incredible programming and instruction. He’d even make the time to discuss coaching cues, exercise execution and training methodology! His programming abilities have constantly exceeded my expectations as well. I’ve never felt more challenged, powerful and healthy than when I am on one of Jarrett’s programs.
For those of you who need more quantitative For those of you who need quantitative results,I'd like to point to my powerlifting records. Prior to training with Jarrett, my squat, bench and deadlift were 230, 165 and 255 respectively. After training with Jarrett over the summer and distance while at UVA, I’ve been able to hit a 335 squat, 215 bench and 360 deadlift in competition. Besides numbers, my body has never felt better! My range of shoulder motion has drastically increased, as well as my ability to maintain proper posture. If you’re looking to truly challenge yourself while becoming stronger and healthy, there’s truly no better option than Jarrett Brumett and his distance training program!"