Soolmaz, Taking Over The World

Soolmaz is a ten-tine US National Champion and World Medalist in traditional karate. She is also the highest-placing Amercian athlete (silver) at the invitational World Cup. Needless to say, I was humbled for the opportunity to work with her.  Currently we are working together under SAPT to help prepare her for the next World Tournament in 2016. Here's her testament:

"I came to Jarrett with a very specific goal in mind - to improve specific muscles groups necessary to enhance my karate techniques and motions. As an international competitor, I have to be physically strong and ready to go. Jarrett went the extra mile to first understand my goals and then the actual motions. He asked questions, picked up books, and analyzed videos to design an effective program that would meet my goals. In my most recent competition, a fellow competitor mentioned that my forms looked sharper than he's ever seen - sharper being one of the set goals! Jarrett is also extremely supportive and took the time to understand how I learn. He is meant to be a coach - he has the knowledge, drive, and attitude that helps an athlete from any sport to thrive in an effective and safe manner. Watch out though - he never says no - and yet you end up doing what he says..."