Nicole, SI Pain in PT School

Nicole is an old colleague of mine who is currently rocking PT school in Tennessee. Like most of my colleagues,  she loves to deadlift. Her constant studying soon took a toll on her performance in the weight room and left her with SI Pain. Unfortunately, the constant adjustments from her professors seemed to be having little effect. She reached out to catch up on her Summer break and I was able to put her through my methods. Now she's back on track to her goal of pulling 300! Here's her testimony:

"After 4 years of D1 and semipro soccer, I had never had an injury. I am now retired from soccer and find enjoyment from weight lifting. When I started experiencing problems with my left SI joint, I could not find a fix for it and had to seriously tone down my lifting. Four months later, I had returned home from PT school and had Jarrett evaluate me. Within an hour and a half, I went from my a finger tips barely reaching past my knees (with discomfort) to being able to almost touch the floor during a forward bend. This was the turning point in my recovery. From there I utilized many OS principles to recover the stabilization I had lost during long, sedentary days in grad school. Now I'm working back up to where I left off feeling stronger than ever!"