Post-Rehab Performance 

When people come off of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic tables, they're feel much better and are eager to get back to normal training and activity. However, many times they're not fully ready to go back into those long runs, hit that heavy squat, or tear through a practice the way they used to. This is no fault of the rehab pro, this is simply what happens when someone is forced to take time off of an activity.

That month or two back to activity is a very pivotal point. Correct progression of volume and intensity can make all the difference in preventing re-injury. But at the same time, there still needs to be an emphasis on maintaining and enhancing proper movement and its conditioning. Failure to do any of these correctly can land any athlete back into the treatment room.  The key for doing it right is to accurately monitor and progress the athlete and give them what they need at each turn. This is where the Post-Rehab Performance Program shines. 

How it Works

Every individual has their own physiology, lifestyle factors, and biomechanical attributes that effect how they should be progressed and what they're going to need addressed. The Post-Rehab Performance Program focuses on identifying these variables in its initial evaluation and then addressing it with all of the tools offered in the JB Pain & Performance Solutions toolbox. This means that by enrolling in this program, you will receive:

  • Biometric Monitoring- Your Resting Heart Rate, Sleep Quality, Heart Rate Variability and more will be monitored with wearable technology to track your body's ability to recover as your activity is increased. 
  • Lifestyle and Diet Interventions- This will occur in stages as we analyze trends in your biometrics. These interventions will serve to help give you the foundation you need to sustain progress, even after you have graduated the program. 
  • Individualized Strength & Conditioning- Workouts will be delivered and tracked on JB Pain & Performance's programming app and will include videos to help ensure you always know what you're doing. Workouts may be performed either with a Coach or on your own, depending on what we evaluate that you need. 
  • Movement Therapy- To help ensure that there are no reminents of the issue that once plagued you and that any restrictions or dysfunctions that may have contributed to or caused it are fully addressed. There will usually be more of these sessions up front.
  • Recovery and Massage Work- To help ensure that your body is fully bouncing back from the increased training load. 

Getting Started

The first session is always a consult and evaluation. We will go through movement screens, applicable/appropriate performance tests, lifestyle and stress evaluations and more so I can get a view of the whole picture of you as an individual. This gives us a chance to see what needs to be done and weigh out a plan of how often we should see you, what lifestyle habits we are going to address, and what you will be working on on your own. 

It's recommended to schedule the evaluation about 1-2 weeks before planning on beginning starting sessions so that we can get you set up on the biometric wearable. 

Packages for this program are custom made based on the predicted frequency, length, and type of work that we think the individual will need and are also limited to availability. As such, the best way to initiate the process is to shoot us a message below. 

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