Two Smart (and good-looking) Guys Talking Movement

Last Winter I got the pleasure of being interviewed by Brandon LaVack of LaVack Fitness.Brandon is a very valuable colleague of mine and the go-to guy for anything running. In the convo, we cover:

  • The key to utilizing continuing ed classes
  • Creating a movement curriculum
  • Moral and professional boundaries of a trainer
  • Square pegs and round holes

Why I Give, "Toes up" Squatting and Deadlifting a Thumbs Down

It’s not unusual to hear some coaches or trainers cue their clients to lift their toes when squatting. I actually used to use it fairly frequently if I had someone who couldn’t get their weight back. That is until I started looking a little more closely at what was going on with this cue.

Priming Your Programming

Programming is the poetry of the Strength & Conditioning world, except way more awesome and less awkward to talk about in public. Some programs flow smoothly, creating synergy in the movements, while others seem to be as random and mundane as a lazy haiku. Anyone who has spent enough time around heavy things has probably experienced both scenarios and chances are, you've seen the differences in effectiveness as well.