A VooDoo Master of Movement.
— Coach Gustavo Osorio
My hip hasn’t felt this good in ages!
— Bodywork Client
A small price to pay for the Brumett badonkadonk.
— Training Client
A handsome young man.
— Jarrett's Mom
— Chewbacca
The best trainer I’ve ever had!
— Training Client

Making people harder to kill and easier to look at since 2010, Jarrett has experience with a variety of clients and goals. Most notably, he has found his niche in athletic development after having worked with athletes from little-league . His experience with these athletes lead him to realize how prominent injuries had become amongst the current competitive population. Of course he looked deeper to find out why. The unique perspective and answers that he found (and still is uncovering) have caused him to become highly sought-after within the Northern Virginia area. His effective methods in correcting dysfunctional movement, alleviating pain and increasing performance have helped countless individuals to achieve their goals and surpass their expectations of what a Strength Coach could provide. It's also pushed him to take many continuing education courses to expand his practice, including:

Jarrett works out of several locations in the Northern Virginia area, where he likes to lift heavy things and help others in their endeavors of the hoisting of similar things. Jarrett splits his time working as a Performance Coach and as a Movement Specialist. First he helps individuals in getting them up to par with the ability to access and own movements needed for their training, then he puts his coaching hat on to recondition and strengthen those movements. 


In his free time he can be found reading fantasy books, working on his handstands and pursuing a higher understanding of the body.